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If Little Girls Dropping F-Bombs Offends You More Than Gender Inequality, Just Sit The F*ck Down

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FCKH8.com produced a video message about gender inequality and people are freaking out about it. Why? Because it uses little girls, dressed as princesses and dropping a bunch of f-bombs. The message: there are plenty of things more offensive than seeing little girls say the word “fuck.” It’s a message that has managed to go over the heads of many. I’m not surprised.

FCKH8 is a t-shirt company whose mission is to spread activist sentiments while making money. It’s genius. I’m happy to support a company that convinces people to use their bodies as billboards to spread a pro-LGBT equality, anti-racism and anti-sexism message. Here’s the video that’s sweeping the internet:

[vimeo video=”109573972″]

Of course, seeing little girls dressed as princesses and sending messages about inequality by saying “fuck” a lot is a little jarring. That’s kind of the point. Gender inequality, violence against women, sexual violence — these are all things that are more offensive than seeing a bunch of little girls swear. But they are also things that we have become so conditioned to accept — they aren’t even surprising anymore. Little girls in tiaras swearing makes people take notice. Like one of the little girls in the video says, “What is more offensive, a little girl saying ‘fuck,’ or the fucking unequal way society treats girls and women?”








The internet is confused. It does not like little girls saying “fuck” or acting angry. It does not like it at all:


Westy loves GUNS and coffee. But this renders him speechless.

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Wow, Joanne. This is why we can’t have nice things. Your comment is so much more offensive than anything in this video.

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I don’t find a child saying “fuck” more concerning than rape. I do find your comment that self defense classes would solve our country’s rape epidemic to be very concerning. Also idiotic.

Almost every, single comment completely missed the point the video was hammering across — namely that there are so many things that girls will have to learn to navigate and deal with. Why not start getting them angry about it young? People are so busy being offended by little girls acting un-ladylike by dropping some f-bombs that they are completely missing the point.

If you are more offended by little girls swearing than you are by things like gender inequality and rape — just move along. Nothing to see here.

(photos: FCKH8.com)