Sarcastic People Are Better at Everything, in Least Surprising News of the Day

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My mom used to tell me that my smart-ass mouth was going to get me in trouble one. Well, MOM, this one’s for you! Turns out, sarcastic people do better in the workplace. According to a recent study published in the journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes,  people who use sarcasm in the workplace are more creative thinkers.

Sarcastic people everywhere just rolled their eyes all the way back.

The studies were conducted using manipulated sarcasm. Researchers had participants say something sarcastic or sincere. Then, they had to hear a comment that was sarcastic or sincere or neutral. In a second study, subjects had to remember a time when they heard something sarcastic or sincere or neutral. Finally, in a third study, they had to think of a joke punchline that was sarcastic, sincere, or neutral.

After subjects completed the three studies, they had to perform creative tasks. And surprise, surprise! The sarcastic people all performed better.

Turns out, being a sarcastic smart-ass makes you more creative. Sarcastic people have to think more abstractly in order to toe the line between literal and figurative meanings. However, it’s important to note that the relationship with the person you’re being sarcastic with should be a trusting one. We’ve all fired off a sarcastic remark that’s been misinterpreted. As a result, feelings get hurt and people get REAL mad.

Ironically, the place where most people are sarcastic is the one place we need to tread lightly. Being a smart-ass on the internet is hard. /sarcasm

Sarcastic people of the world, unite! Our brains are awesome. Above all, remember: you have a gift. Use it wisely.

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