Moms Have ‘Pinterest Stress’ And All I Got Are A Bunch Of Recipes I Will Never Make

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Moms have pinterest stressYou can go ahead and add me on Pinterest. I was an “early adopter” of Pinterest. It used to be my favorite thing ever and I would spend hours collecting pins of things I wanted to make, things I wanted to buy, recipes I wanted to try and ….. manicure pictures. It was a super fun way to pass the time and I found so many of the things I found to be totally inspiring and it was easy to categorize and make my boards look all pretty when in reality, I had a few hampers of clothing in my laundry room I still needed to put away and my upstairs bathroom has CARPETING in it and I am not sure how old I will be after years of saving every penny and not buying fancy cheeses before I can afford to go all Restoration Hardware on it. But Pinterest is a place to dream! It’s where you can contemplate putting a swing in your living room or making your kid a fairy-light bedecked reading nook out of an IKEA loft bed. It’s also where you can pin things like this:



I don’t know why I pinned an anatomical cat model OK I just did! Get off my back! But my Pinterests boards are full of nonsense like this. I don’t pin as much as I used to, but according to The Daily Mail a lot of you moms are out there pinning away and it is making you all depressed:

In a survey of 7,000 moms, conducted by Today, 42 per cent said that surfing the photo-sharing site made them feel depressed about the fact that their own lives did not reflect the same picture-perfect standards.

And three in four said that the pressure they felt from browsing Pinterest was worse than any judgement they might experience from other moms.


I’m not exactly surprised by this, which is why a few weeks after I joined Pinterest I started getting super annoyed at how perfect everyone’s DIY pins looked and I obnoxiously started creating, photographing and pinning things like this:

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 6.00.49 AM


And yeah, I didn’t even rotate it correctly and people re-pinned it and I am not sure if they did because they thought it was funny or they also wanted to make an apple with some tinfoil crumpled around it with a plastic cat on top.

I still like Pinterest. I will still sign on when I want dinner or decorating or manicure inspiration, but I’m not as addicted as I once was. I find it hard to believe that moms are actually feeling super stressed out about it, but I guess it’s just an updated way of feeling like every issue of Martha Stewart Living makes me feel. It’s just a lot harder to draw ejaculating penises with sharpie on your computer screen if all the perfection gets to be a bit too much.

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