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10 Reasons You Are Suffering From Mom Guilt This Week

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6. You Made Them Late For Practice


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So many things could cause it- getting out of work late, forgetting they had practice, or just being tied up reading comments on Mommyish. Regardless, nothing brings on the mom guilt like having your kid hustle onto the field several minutes late knowing it was all your fault.

7. You Did Not Check Their Homework


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The other night, my daughter brought home a math worksheet with two mistakes on it and I remembered that neither me or my husband checked it the night prior. He gave no shits. I felt like a dirt-bag. Why is there no such thing as Dad guilt?!

8. You Let Them Have Tons Of TV Time


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Sometimes, I simply can’t even and my kids spend four hours in front of the TV on a Saturday morning. It gives me the quiet I need to work but knowing they are just zoning out ruining brain cells makes me feel like the worst.

9. You Have Not Taken A Photo Of Them In Weeks


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Is this just me or do other moms go many moons without feeling the need to snap photos of their kids? If not for my iPhone, I think we would only have a few shitty pictures from holiday get-togethers. And half the photos of them on my phone are off-center selfies that they take when they are able to get their hands on it.

10. You Let Them Eat Cake For Dinner. Twice.


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Our daughter’s birthday was last weekend. We did not stop her from playing at her party to eat a super healthy pizza dinner but she did have cake. And then again on Sunday. I give up.

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