10 Reasons To Feel Smug As A Parent

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As parents, we question our every move in an effort to be the best parents we can possibly be for our little ones. We are faced with a myriad of decisions that dictate the quality of life and also, the health and safety of our children. Inevitably, some choices may have “better” results than others and some may also require great sacrifice, financial or otherwise. Sometimes, things our kids do or prefer have nothing to do with any choices we have made but the results are impressive anyway. This is where the smug comes in. I know I have felt it at times because (*ahem*) my kids are pretty amazing but try not to show it. It will only make everyone hate you. Here are 10 reasons to feel totally smug around your fellow parents:

1. Your kid is an “adventurous” eater.

haters gonna

While other babies are shoveling Goldfish crackers down their gullets, yours is eating quinoa and avocado on the reg. Feel smug- that’s actually kind of awesome.

2. You use a baby sling.


If you don’t let your baby’s precious bottom touch the stroller seat, then pat yourself on the back.

3. You only feed organic foods.

eye rolly

No GMO’s for your little Snowflake! #doingitbetter

4. You don’t let your kids watch television.

so smug

SpongeBob?! Blasphemy. They prefer your one-act plays to that garbage anyway.

5. You believe in rear-facing car-seats until elementary school.


Their knees might be up to their chins but at least you have car line bragging rights!

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