STFU Parents: Top 6 Overshare Tips For Parents In 2015

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Happy New Year! It’s officially 2015, and I’m both excited and scared to see what the year ahead will bring us on social media. Will this be the year that parents finally stop complaining about Daylight Saving Time? Will couples’ maternity photo shoots get taken to a terrifying new level that I can’t predict or imagine? Are parents prepared to give mommyjacking a rest, or are they just gearing up to lay down the mommyjack smack on another social platform?


Not the same day, people. THE SAME MONTH. When I received this submission on New Year’s Eve, I knew that my job in 2015 was going to get that much more absurd, and I must say, I’m anticipating some wacky new trends to arise. Consider, for a moment, the titles of some of my most recent STFU, Parents submissions: ‘The Ultimate Messed Up Mommyjacking’; ‘What happens when dad takes a 30 minute shit’; ‘Honestly, I think my friend has lost her mind. (two images)’; and the intriguing yet ominous ‘IF I WANTED A GRANDFATHER CLOCK I WOULD BUY ONE!’


Who knows what we have in store for us in the New Year, you guys. Only time will tell. But before we dive into all the weird and wild stuff that 2015 has to offer, let’s take a minute to recall some important lessons from the past year. This is an annual tradition right up there with New Year’s resolutions, and for the fourth year running, I’d like to dedicate this particular column to some “social media goals” that parents should strive for in the coming months. Here are the Top Overshare Tips for Parents in 2015, based on the many lessons we learned last year:

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