Real Housewives’ Kim Richards Admits She Is An Alcoholic

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kim richardsKim Richards of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is known for her erratic behavior but what has often been chalked up to a quirky personality has now been uncovered as substance abuse. The reality star and mother of three confirmed her disease with Bravo’s Andy Cohen telling viewers: “I’m an alcoholic.”

The reality star checked into rehab in December of last year and was noticeably absent from the Housewives reunion special. In the previous season, Kim’s sister Kyle Richards outright declared during an on-screen brawl that her sister was an alcoholic only to have the statement brushed under one of those fancy Beverly Hills rugs come the following season. While other cast members noticed Kim’s odd demeanor and slurred speech, no link to alcohol was ever directly stated as Kim was often filmed sipping on a variety of alcoholic beverages.

During the reunion special, fellow mother Lisa Vanderpump said:

“I think we were all aware that something was off, but we didn’t know quite what it was. It was very difficult to try and ascertain…I think she wouldn’t have gone without really needing to be there. She obviously has to sort something out.”

Best wishes to the mother as she makes her way towards sobriety and here’s to no more on-screen bickering between sisters.

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