Pedophile Says Slutty Two-Year-Old Girl Seduced Him, Calls Her ‘Promiscuous’

Day care spelling blocksNot too long ago, Albert Gaub ran a daycare with his wife in Montana entitled Cuddles and More. In 2010, the 72-year-old pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a little girl at the daycare who wasn’t even quite two years old when the attacks began. And when interrogated by police about his crime, Albert made the utterly ridiculous claim that the toddler came onto him first.

Albert abused this little girl over  an 18 month period, but refused to admit that he acted inappropriately given the child’s behavior. That’s right, the “slutty” two-year-old made passes at him and the poor old man just couldn’t help himself. He described his victim to police as “four going on 40.”

The Attorney General’s Office noted that:

“Gaub claimed that (the girl) knew what she was doing and what was going on, suggesting that if the little girl had not been so promiscuous he would not have abused her.”

Victim-blaming is pretty much a common occurrence when it comes to rape cases, even when children are involved. But a toddler making passes at 72-year-old man is beyond plausible comprehension, as is the notion that a two-year-old can somehow be “promiscuous.” The insistence that the child was flirting with the man just denotes how troubled he is in that he would equate the smiles of a child as sexually lingering. [tagbox tag=”rape”]

What’s even more frightening is that this former daycare owner was up for consideration as a “low-risk” sex offender given that he doesn’t have any other crimes to his name and is of advanced age. Yet as soon as he started babbling about toddlers winking at him, the Supreme Court quickly reconsidered.

While it is reassuring that officials found the scenario of a two-year-old seducing an older man dubious, many young girls who are raped don’t have that certainty to rely on. Pregnant 10-year-olds who give birth in Mexico are treated to skepticism about the possibility of being raped despite — you know — being pregnant at 10 years old? And as girls border on their teen years, questions that should be reserved about their alleged attacker nearly always focus on what they were wearing, how they were behaving, and how they “let” themselves be attacked which completely avoids the fundamental truth that they were in the presence of a rapist — that’s why they were raped.

Such victim-blaming is fury-inducing on behalf of any victim of rape regardless of their age. But as stories of “slutty” 12 year olds and 11 year olds who “asked for it” continue to roll off the presses, I’m glad that we can at least draw the line at two year olds. These days, it’s really difficult to know anymore.

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