The Bidens Are Seriously Gushing About Their New Son-In-Law

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Ashley Biden weddingMarrying into a well-known political family certainly carries its unique array of concerns. Although it might be nerve-wracking to make a good impression on your future in-laws, imagine the pressure of waltzing right up to Vice President Joe Biden and asking for his daughter’s hand in marriage. One brave man by the name of Dr. Howard David Krein has survived such a scenario and luckily, his new father-in-law seems to wildly approve.

31-year-old Ashley Biden was reportedly married in Delaware in what was described as an “intimate” Jewish-Catholic wedding of 200 guests — intimate for a politician’s daughter, we’re to deduce. The Obamas were not in attendance, but the Vice President did escort his Vera Wang-clad daughter down the aisle towards the man he apparently very much approves of. Aside from the obligatory family statement welcoming Dr. Krein into the family, the Bidens are beaming with praise much like this:

“Howard is the perfect guy,” Jill Biden said. “He’s perfect for Ashley.”… Jill Biden told The News-Journal in an interview before the ceremony that Krein’s plans to ask the vice president for his daughter’s hand in marriage were delayed when his train to Washington broke down. He finally got there at 1 a.m.

“He asked for Ashley’s hand and of course Joe said yes,” Jill Biden told the newspaper.

And considering Dr. Krein is an assistant professor of facial, plastic, and reconstructive surgery, operating on children with facial deformities and domestic abuse victims as well as soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, the Bidens have a lot to be pleased about. Of course, even with all those Heart Of Gold resume plugs, some media outlets simply cannot resist putting needless lady spin on the “girly benefits” of marrying a plastic surgeon. And no, this isn’t a quote from People — it’s from ABC News:

As they grow old together, Ashley will not have to worry about looking beautiful. Her new husband is an expert on Botox.

Because, you know, marrying someone with an endless supply of Botox would clearly have more of an appeal than corrective surgery for impoverished children — if you’re a lady.