Casey Anthony Makes Rambling Video Diary, Talks About Her New Dog

Whether you think Casey Anthony walked away a free lady after murdering her little girl Caylee or the prosecution failed to deliver a strong enough case against her, you’re still probably still annoyed with the sight of her on your television. But the 25 year old has some tidbits she’d like to share with you regarding her computer, her cell phone, and her adopted dog that she claims to talk to often.

Not much has been heard or seen of America’s most notorious mother since she was acquitted in July. And although there have been rumors about her whereabouts, her exact location remains unknown. But in a YouTube video which she dates as October 13th, Casey makes no mention of her late daughter Caylee but speaks vaguely about her life on probation and her release, which ends in February 2012. She tells audiences that she hates being in front of the camera but hopes that this video diary will be just one of many.

The Today show confirmed the woman in the video as Casey Anthony and People reports that the material was leaked.  One undisclosed source told the publication:

“She is desperate to get her story out,” says one source, who knows Casey’s current whereabouts. “She thought this would be the best way to do it. Unfiltered, in her own words.”

That may be true, but given the cord she struck with our country regarding motherhood and culpability, not many people I gather would want to hear them.

[youtube_iframe id=”aeMByZKAHcQ”]

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