Lingering Questions Parents Have About Goodnight Moon

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5. Let’s talk about this bowl full of mush.


Has it always been mush, or did it turn to mush because they left it sitting there so long? Perhaps it was Mini Wheats brought to our small rabbit friend in bed that morning, but because he’s an ingrate he left it there to fester all day and it turned to mush. Now the old lady has to take it downstairs and wash out the bowl before she can retire to her wine and Netflix. No good deed goes unpunished.

6. Why is the old lady whispering “hush” so utterly terrifying?


There’s no way I could sleep with her sitting there, rocking back and forth, and whispering to me in the dark. That’s not at all soothing. In fact, I think it’s what happens in horror films right before Satan’s minions eat your soul.

7. Goodnight nobody? Really?


Quit wasting our time and go to bed, you little weirdo.

8. How is this rabbit’s mom not exhausted by this bedtime ritual?


The book starts at 7:00 per the clock on the first page. By the time Bunny is finished saying goodnight to every object and air particle in the universe, the clock says 8:10. Do they do this every night? If so, why hasn’t that creepy old lady accidentally fed Bunny to an owl yet?

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