5 Pieces Of Baby-Proofing Gear Every Parent Has Battled

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baby-touching-outlet-plugYou know those jokes about baby-proofing gear and how it really only makes things harder for parents? Yeah, they’re totally true. I don’t know one other mom or dad who hasn’t cursed an oven lock or angrily broken the lock to get to their own toilet at three in the morning.

In order to stop a baby, you have to think like one, and unfortunately the companies who make this stuff probably don’t have many babies on staff. As a result, you get baby-proofing gear that is also adult-proof. We’re happy to have it all, of course. I’m sure baby-proofing gear has saved lives. Still, it’d be nice to be able to get into your own cabinets once in a while. Here are five types of baby-proofing gear every parent has battled with:

1. Outlet covers


You can barely pry one off using every tool in the box when you need to vacuum, but your toddler can walk up and rip it off with no problems. What sort of protection are we really offering here? Maybe they’re hoping the extra step of having to rip off the cover before they insert the butter knife into the outlet will give you enough time to race over and save the day.

2. Cabinet locks


These are a glorious invention, really. You can keep any number of poisonous, hazardous things under your kitchen sink and never need to worry that kids are going to get inside. Honestly, though, my kids don’t spend a lot of time hunting down the Windex. In the four years we’ve had these, the only person they’ve ever kept out of the kitchen cabinets is me.

3. Doorknob covers


Doorknob covers are the only reason I get to pee alone, and they keep my toddler from slipping out the front door in the middle of the night, so I’m definitely happy to have them. Still, many a UPS delivery person has laughed at me struggling to grip the knob cover the right way to get the door open while they’re standing outside. These definitely work. Maybe a little too well.

4. Fridge locks


Once kids start getting into the fridge, all hell breaks loose. That’s where fridge locks come in…except that they’re super easy to figure out. It took my toddler less than a week to figure out how to unlock it and most of my friends have reported the same. They work pretty great when you’re in a hurry to make dinner, though. No way in hell you’re getting that fridge open.

5. Toilet lid lock


Toilet locks are awesome if you want to make potty accidents a thing. Adult potty accidents, that is. Toilet locks always get stuck right when you need to go the most, and they really don’t accomplish anything you couldn’t ward off by simply keeping the bathroom door closed. Kids can undo them like it ain’t no thang, though, so call your toddler if you need help going potty.

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