32 Things You Didn’t Know About The Queer Eye Fab Five

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Since its 2018 premiere on Netflix, self-improvement reality TV show Queer Eye has stolen the hearts of everyone who watches it. It’s the perfect kind of feel-good show so many of us are desperate for and it always provides inspiration for a much-needed cry. A lot of the show’s benefits are thanks to the “Fab Five,” a group of gay men who enter the lives of typically more conservative Americans and seek to change their ‘hopeful’s life for the better. Culture expert Karamo Brown, grooming guru Jonathan Van Ness, Fashion counselor Tan France, culinary guide Antoni Porowski, and design extraordinaire Bobby Berk have become like family both to each other and to the viewers at home. We laugh with them, we cry with them, and we give them our best “YAAAAS QUEEN!” as we binge the show over a day (or two).

When the show’s in-between seasons, we follow the Fab Five on social media hoping that they’re bringing the self-improvement vibes to the even-smaller screen. After spending so many hours watching the show, anyone who watches feels like they already know the guys. But, ultimately, there’s a lot about the Queer Eye guys that we have no clue about.

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