17 Celebrities Who Have Questionable Ideas On Vaccinations

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Against vaccinations

Image: Adriana M. Barraza/ ; Facebook / AliciaSilverstone

Vaccinations have been a hot topic for some time now. There has been quite the controversy surrounding vaccines and their safety. Many believe that there is a link regarding vaccines and Autism. However, this has been proven over and over to be false. The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that the refusal to vaccinate given the availability of vaccines has been deemed a “top 10 threat to global health.” In the past 12 months alone, cases of measles have more than doubled with over 230,000 cases around the world. That was just last year. These numbers keep climbing as more and more people choose not to vaccinate their children.

There has also been the case of a six-year-old boy in Oregon contracting tetanus. The pediatric case of tetanus was something that had not been seen in the state in over 30 years. Despite the incident happening in 2017 on his family’s farm, who just patched him up at the time, this has come to light. When the boy’s parents finally took him to the hospital, he had to be put on a ventilator. He was in the ICU and had to be given medications to control his violent muscle spasms. As part of his treatment, he was given the tetanus vaccine. Doctors spoke with the parents at length about a second round of DTap, but the parents declined.

The situation has gotten so bad that some doctor’s offices refuse to see their pediatric patients because of their parent’s choice not to vaccinate them. They don’t want easily preventable diseases to spread to other patients. A majority of those parents that choose not to vaccinate their children are average parents. It is when the big names get thrown around is when other people become influenced by what they are saying. Some of Hollywood’s biggest names have spoken out against vaccination and the purported harm that they believe that they cause. Here are some of the biggest names who are staunchly anti-vaccination.

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