7 Disney Characters Who Are More Obnoxious To Deal With Than Toddlers

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Having a toddler can be challenging. Doing more than merely having–feeding, dressing, cleaning–can feel nigh-impossible. But when your toddler’s toddler-ness is getting you down, you can take some small comfort in remembering that at least you don’t have to parent any of these maniacal Disney characters, who seem far more frustrating to be around than any small child could ever be.

1. Donald Duck

angry donald duck(via)

Toddlers fly into a rage over such disasters as: their cookie falling on the floor, their cookie having too many raisins in it, or their cookie having already been eaten (by them). A typical toddler reaction to being offered food they don’t like is throwing the whole plate on the floor, but at least they’ve never eaten a plate in anger. Donald is the unequivocal champion of rage-aneurysms.

2. The Beast

beast eating oatmeal(via)

Temper tantrums aside, no one has table manners quite like the Beast. This is almost exactly how my kids eat oatmeal, although they are at least polite enough to hold an ornamental spoon while they gorge themselves.

3. Ariel

ariel grotto of treasures(via)

I’m not even talking about that “Betcha on land/They’d understand/Bet they don’t reprimand their daughters” nonsense. Look: if your silverware drawer is empty, there are two possibilities for where all those forks ended up: either your toddler has hidden them in the couch cushions or behind the TV, or Ariel is using them to comb her stupid hair. Some people are trying to eat spaghetti here, mermaid.

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