Queen Elizabeth Wants Kate Middleton To Hurry Up And Start Pushing Before She Goes On Vacation

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Royal Family preggo KateReal talk time. I feel bad for Kate Middleton right now. I mean, yeah, she is super rich and a legit duchess. She probably sleeps on 1000 thread count sheets and has a handmaiden that feeds her grapes and what not, but she is nine months pregnant at the moment (in the middle of summer no less). It’s currently almost 90 degrees in London right now, and it it believed that she is well past her due date. Even if you live in a gilded cage, summer pregnancies SUCK. That being said, you would think those closest to her would give her a break from the whole duty-bound princess routine, but I guess Queen Elizabeth didn’t get the memo.

According to The Fail Dailymail, the great-grandma -to-be is becoming Eve Vawter-status impatient with this whole gestation thing and just wants K-Middy to pop that thang out. Because this is totally how the queen talks in private. Trust me, I’m from the internet.

Earlier today, Queen Elizabeth was doing a series of engagements in north-west England when 10-year-old Fay Batey asked her whether she would prefer a girl or a boy from her grand-daughter-in-law. The Queen was quick to admit that she didn’t really care what gender the baby was, but that she was “going on holiday soon” so she “would like the baby to hurry up and arrive.”

The best part of this exchange is the whole stiff upper lip. When asked about the encounter, the little girl simple said, “I thought the Queen’s answer was a good one. After all, she wouldn’t want to have a baby while she was on holiday.”

No, she wouldn’t, little Fay. But the Queen isn’t the one having the baby, now is she? Can you imagine? You’re 40+ weeks pregnant and you feet are swollen to the size of basketballs. You’re sweating in places you didn’t even know you could sweat in, and your Grandma-in-law had the balls crown jewels to tell you to hurry the hell up, cuz she has badminton to play, dammit!

I think her majesty is damn lucky that it’s pretty much treason to back chat the Queen, because methinks our good little princess Kate could have a mouthful to say if it wasn’t. Don’t worry Kate! We’ve got your back. Take your time. Or I do. IF you don’t have this baby soon, I think Eve’s head is gonna explode. But no pressure!

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