My Son Got Punched In The Face By A Girl

shutterstock_100040903__1379598734_74.134.205.46Welcome to middle school people! So the other day my son, who is in sixth grade, got punched in the face. By a girl. Now, at first I was all sorts of “You go girl, hell yeah, you punch my kid in the face because he probably deserved it!” and because I am a girl and I am one of those FEMINIST GIRL TYPES WITH A FEMINIST AGENDA before I even knew what had happend I was taking the side of the girl. Against my own kid.

I’m a terrible person.

My son was upset. Not in a crying way, that came later, but in more of a totally irate MOM THIS GIRL PUNCHED ME IN THE FACE WAY.

And we talked and I discovered this altercation happened because this girl has been teasing my kid since school started (less than a freakin’ month ago!) and she has been calling him names and when they met at the water fountain, she shoved him out of the way and he shoved her back and that’s when the face punching occurred. I called the school and demanded both children have a sit down with the counselor but I also told my kid he was going to write a letter to the girl. He did, against his wishes (with a lot of BUT MOM WHY DO I HAVE TO APOLOGIZE TO HER? thrown in) and he told her exactly how she was making him feel and that he was sorry he pushed her and that he hoped they could work things out and they could eventually become friends.

I made him do this because I’m a freakin’ brilliant parent.

Because when they met with the school counselor and he gave the punchy girl the letter she read it and burst into tears. Which not only taught her that punching people in the face and calling them nasty names can be very hurtful, but also made my own kid totally learn the valuable life lesson that sometimes ya gotta kill ’em with kindness. And the counselor told the young lady she has to write MY kid a letter too. I’m sure this is not the last time my son will fight with a kid, we all know middle school is filled with kids being nasty to each other, but hopefully he won’t be fighting with this particular child any longer.

This just reminds me of how much growing up and making friends and not making friends sucks. I wouldn’t wish these prepubescent years on anyone. I never had any physical fights when I was in school, but I sure did experience name calling and other nastiness.  It has been suggested to me that this young lady LIKES my son which would make sense, because I totally made my husband fall in love with me by punching him in the face.

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