Woman Throws Punches At Chuck E. Cheese With Baby On Her Hip Because It’s The Classiest Place Ever

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Parents who take your ducklings to Chuck E. Cheese, you’re a much braver person than I. The last time I step foot in one of those Lord of the Flies establishments, I was five years old and got taken out by a bigger kid in a filthy ball pit while my parents looked on with a “well, she said this is what she wanted and it’s her birthday so,” kind of a stare. But as scary as being shoved into a plastic pit of germs can be, imagine how terrified the kids at a Long Island Chuck E. Cheese felt as grownups straight up brawled. Oh, and there’s video.

New York Daily News reports that “a group of women began throwing punches over an alleged stolen purse” in Commack, Long Island. And in typical it’s 2013 and we all have fancy mobile devices fashion, a bystander caught the incident on video.

Police were called — to make that Chuck E. Cheese experience all the more pleasant — but no arrested were reportedly made.

Do note the lady who (rather impressively?) advances through the crowd to throw some punches with an infant CEMENTED to her hip. Even as she loses balance, the baby remains upright.

Takeaway one: obviously never fight.

Takeaway two: obviously never fight with a baby on your hip.

And finally, takeaway three: just don’t go to Chuck E Cheese.

[youtube_iframe id=”hSVv6kcOmcc”]

(photo: youtube)