Push Presents Are Stupid, So Don’t Be Surprised If People Make Fun Of You If You Ask For One

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push-presentAs any company will tell you, labeling is everything. Calling a nice gift someone happens to give a pregnant lady after she gives birth a “push present” makes everyone’s skin crawl, just FYI. Also, requesting a gift for pushing a baby out of your vagina probably won’t go over well, either. I’m not saying you don’t deserve one – I’m just saying it’s all in the delivery. Saying something like, “I expect a diamond for going through pregnancy” will probably have everyone’s eyes in your general vicinity rolling into the back of their heads.

I thought about this today because my eyes were rolling so far into the back of my head while I was attempting to read an article STFU Parents linked on their Facebook page that I almost couldn’t finish it. She always finds the best links. If you aren’t following her page yet, you should do it right now. This particular one was about a woman who was standing up for her right to be showered in gifts at the end of her pregnancy:

So why do I want a push present?

Because I want some recognition that that last eight months (soon to be nine) was hard work. That the next 21 years will be hard work too. And I want something to look forward to besides the baby when I am having a metre long needle stuck in my spine. When I am mid the 20th nappy change in the middle of the night and have poo smeared all over my hands, I want to be able to look down and see the beautiful sparkler to at least give me some hope in those first few months. I also want to be able to remember the day, and that is what the necklace will do.

Oh, poor girl. She actually thinks looking at that damn necklace is going to give her some solace when she is walking around in a sleep-deprived stupor, trying to remember the last time she washed her hair.  Also, just a pro tip: if you have poo smeared all over your hands you’re doing it wrong.

I’ve said it before; pregnancy kind of sucks at times – and the early stages of parenting definitely do. But it certainly isn’t something that can be helped with a diamond necklace. That old adage, “the baby is the gift of pregnancy” is pretty much true. If you must have a gift for your trials, so be it. To each her own. I’d just advise that you refrain from calling it a “push present” if you don’t want people to make fun of you behind your back.

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