Incredible 10-Year-Old Helped Deliver His Baby Brother at Home, Saving Him and Mom

You never know quite just what you’re capable until you’re put in a difficult spot. And you certainly can’t begin to imagine what your kids might be capable of when they’ve got no choice but to rise to the occasion. Sometimes, we have to act fast and think on our feet. This is especially true in dire emergencies. Few children are ever placed in such a situation. But that’s exactly what happened when a 10 year old delivered his baby brother at home, saving the lives of both baby and mom. It’s the kind of tale that could have easily gone south, but fortunately there’s quite a happy ending.

How a 10 year old delivered his baby brother

On August 11th, Ashley Moreau’s water broke early while at home with her son, Jayden. Ashley’s husband had just left for work. Ashley wasn’t due for another month (September 20th), but even more worrisome than that was the fact that she could see her baby’s feet peeking out. Seeing the feet meant the baby was breech, which often means the baby needs to be turned in order to get them out. The 36-year-old pregnant mom quickly sent her son to go get help.

Jayden ran next door to his grandmother Francis Soileau’s house, but the woman could not come help as she was recovering from surgery. Next, the young boy called 911 and then rushed back to his mother’s side. I can’t even imagine how this boy managed to hold it together as his mother was bleeding heavily””later discovered due to a detached placenta. Kudos to this unbelievable mama who was also able to coach her son to actually rotate the baby in order to deliver him.

Even more frightening, the baby wasn’t breathing when first born. Jayden ran to get his baby sister’s nasal aspirator and proceeded to pump air into the newborn’s nose and mouth. The baby finally started breathing when EMTs arrived. Amazing.

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“I said to Jayden, ‘You’ll always have a special bond with your brother,”’ the mother said in an interview with TODAY. “I’m just so proud of him. He saved our lives.”

Bravo, Jayden!

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