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Couple Sues Doctors and Hospital After ‘Traumatic Birth’ of 13 Pound Baby

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Today in news that will make you grab your lady bits in horror: a Quebec woman is seeking damages against her doctors after they failed to properly evaluate the size of her 13 pound baby, leading to an extremely traumatic birth that left the baby and mother with injuries. Anik Bourbeau and Pascal Lessard filed documents in Quebec Superior Court that claim the 2010 birth left the baby with a permanently paralyzed arm, and Bourbeau with injuries.

The court documents allege that doctors failed to properly evaluate the baby’s size, despite Bourbeau’s medical history.

Bourbeau had a difficult pregnancy in the past, and expressed her willingness to have a c-section. But doctors failed to do an ultrasound prior to delivery. The baby was born after a very traumatic birth, weighing more than 13 pounds. He was not breathing at birth, and now suffers from permanent paralysis in his right arm.

Bourbeau suffered serious tearing and other damage.

The couple is asking for more than $1.4 in damages from the defendants, including five of Bourbeau’s doctors and a hospital in Shawinigan, Quebec. The amount covers general damages, loss of income for the couple, and future medical costs for the baby. Because of the injuries he sustained during birth, the baby will likely need lifelong care. The defendants have declined to comment, and the case will be heard in May 2018.

Childbirth can be beautiful, but it can also be dangerous and even deadly. When the needs of the mother aren’t properly addressed, a traumatic birth can put lives at risk. We hope the couple and their son are healing and getting the help they need to recover from their ordeal.

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