5 Instagram Pictures You Will Take While Pregnant

When a pregnant woman takes to Instagram, you can pretty much assume what will be dominating that feed. Generally speaking, its 24/7 bump watch of the non-paparazzi variety. Many a lady are emphatically into documenting the changes in their body and sharing them through a variety of filters and videos. But all those images can be boiled down to the five cornerstones of pregnancy Instagramming.

1. The “I’m starting to show” picture

pregnant selfie

This is practically an obligatory one. The image is usually in profile and with a fairly clingy top to emphasize that bump. This photo essentially repeats itself for the rest of the pregnancy.

(photo: heatherhelvey.com)

2. The pregnant bikini shot

pregant bikini

(photo:  lubdapregz)

Even for ladies delivering in the dead of winter, this one never seems to be amiss. I’m all for it as long as the photo doesn’t result it tons of “YOU’RE SO BRAVE” comments. Love the body positivity happening here, nevertheless.

3. The friends/family cradling or pointing out your belly shot


Open mouths by said friends/family and wide eyes usually also follow.

(photo: instagram)

4. The over the belly shot

pregnant belly

To capture, depth, range, gravity, and perception.

(photo: instagram)

5. The fully belly shot

Kim ZolciakBiermann pregnantIn all its glory.

(photo: instagram)

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