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9 Must-Have Products for a Mom Who Is Healing From an Episiotomy

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7. Sitz Bath

You have a kid now. Which is awesome and what got you into this situation in the first place. Also means you probably don’t have a whole lot of time to soothe your bits in the tub. So that’s why this sitz bath comes in handy. It’s a lot less involved than a bath with pretty much almost all the benefits. Try this one and feel the comfort. 

8. Stool Softner


Do. Not. Try. And. Not. Use. A. Stool. Softner. Just DON’T DO IT. When your doctor tells you that you need to pick some of this up, please… just pick some up and use it.

9. Spray Bottle

The peri-bottle is a must for when you are going to the bathroom. Fill it with warm water and spray it on yourself when you are going to the bathroom. It helps make the sting that will happen feel a whole lot less and do a good job at making sure there is a smaller chance for infection. For the love of all your baby bits, don’t wipe… pat that stuff dry. You’ve got stitches and that will catch on your tissue.

What are some products that you’ve used that helped you heal after an episiotomy? Let us know in the comments because it hurts to sit down!

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