The Complex And Entirely Daunting Cost Of Children: From IQ Points To Your Sex Life

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cost of childrenSure, we all know the cost of children. Roughly $235,000 from birth to high school according to the most recent numbers. And while you’re grabbing your calculator and considering annual living expenses, don’t neglect to consider college tuition — with inflation. You may have been able to buy a home with the cost of your kid, but let’s get away from the numbers for a second. Because as anyone who has ever cared for children knows, money is not all they’ll cost you.

Early Childhood Education, a resource for parents and educators, compiled the follow infographic revealing the entire investment of a child. We’re looking at not just a suck to your savings, but also a reported drop in IQ, a cut to your sex life (which will recover!), in addition to costing you some friends and marital satisfaction. Balance a budget sheet like that any way you like, but these more complex prices remind us that you’ll be paying for your little ones with other ways than your salary.

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