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Prince William Breaks Royal Rule For Young Irish Fan With Down Syndrome

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Prince William may be all about keeping up the British Royal Family traditions since little brother Prince Harry denounced his royal titles, but it looks like there’s one royal rule he’s willing to break. When Prince William met Irish youngster Jennifer Malone, he was compelled to break royal protocol by (*drumroll please*) taking a selfie.

Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton were visiting County Kildare, where they were gifted a bouquet of daffodils from Jennifer and her mom, Donna Malone. Donna posted the selfie he then took with little Jennifer, writing that the prince is a “really nice guy.”

This isn’t Jennifer’s first celebrity encounter — or the first time Prince William broke the Queen’s rule not to take selfies. Jennifer, who has down syndrome, was featured on Hugh Jackman‘s Twitter page after she took a pic with him at his Hugh World Tour in 2019.

As for Prince William, he was spotted taking a selfie with a 12-year-old girl on Christmas Day in 2014. According to the girl, Madison, she got too nervous to press the button so he obliged!

But Queen Elizabeth has made it known that she is *not* a fan of selfies and expects her family to follow royal protocol, especially while in her presence. According to US ambassador Matthew Barzun, the Queen finds it “disconcerting” that the British public would look at her through a screen as opposed to face-to-face.

Still, the Queen smiled for Australian field hockey player Jayde Taylor’s selfie in 2014.

Objecting to selfies is just one of the many, many rules the Queen imposes on the rest of the royal family. There are a large host of beauty rules and travel rules that everyone in the royal family is meant to follow — which just might be why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wanted out.