Redditors Have a Theory for Why Duggar Courtships Are So Short

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In the Duggar family, it goes pretty much like this: you’re born, you’re a kid for a while, hey look you’re a teen! And then BAM, courted, engaged, married, and expecting. The road from barely-adult to married with kids is not a very long one in that clan. We already know how much emphasis they put on getting married and having kids. But why the rush? Well, Redditors have a theory about the quickie Duggar courtships, and it makes sense!

Most Duggar courtships go by in the blink of an eye. But considering marriage (for them, at least) is a life-long commitment, why so fast, Duggars?

Redditor LevyBevvy might have uncovered the reason. In a Counting On subreddit thread, the Redditor posted a theory for why the Duggars seem to rush their kids into marriage so quickly, and it involves wanting to avoid any kind of scandal. Between Josh and his disgusting abuse of his sisters, and Derick Dillard getting fired for being an asshole, the reality TV family might be a bit press-shy when it comes to less-than-favorable coverage. And when you’re a Duggar, what’s more scandalous than … premarital sex?

Both Kendra and Lauren (Joseph’s wife and Josiah’s fiance, respectively) said they were “surprised” by their engagements. And who could blame them? Joseph and Kendra were married less than 7 months after they started courting. And Josiah and Lauren got engaged 2 months after their own courtship began.

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Image: Reddit / LevyBevvy

Could the rush down the aisle have anything to do with wanting to avoid a premarital Duggar sex scandal? Maybe the young men start to talk to dad about their desires, and in the interest of keeping things Duggar, Jim Bob goes out and finds them wives. Which is so incredibly weird, but really does make sense when you consider their bananas family rules. They’re not even allowed to front-hug, for crying out loud.

Another Redditor chimed in, throwing some support behind the theory.

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Image: Reddit / MaliBewBew

Duggar courtships have gotten REALLY short lately. Jill, Jinger, Joy-Anna, and Joseph were all married within seven months of courting their respective partners. Jessa and her husband Ben courted for a respectable 11 months before getting engaged, and were married four months after that. And once you realize that quite a few Duggar couples announce pregnancies like, the day after the honeymoon ends? It certainly seems like they wasted no time getting down to matrimonial business.

I’m not sure there’s any reason that could make these super quick courtships make sense to me, to be honest. But if keeping the Duggar name clean means marrying a virtual stranger, then I suppose they’re doing a fairly decent job of it.

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