30 Gender Reveals That Went Too Far

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In 2008, Jenna and Niko Karvunidis decided to do something creative for their child’s gender reveal. Rather than going the traditional route, they celebrated with a party that included a cute duck-shaped cake. And once it got cut, there was pink filling to indicate that it’s a girl.

Not surprisingly, it was a total success and Jenna wrote all about the gender reveal on her blog. But now, we imagine that if Jenna could turn back time, she never would have published it. Little did she know that this creative approach would spiral into a huge trend that’s gotten quite bizarre (and even dangerous in some cases).

Over a decade later, millions of people are going to great lengths to showcase their creativity with these gender reveal parties, from horror movie-themed videos to hair color gender reveals. However, others have included things like explosives, shotguns, and fireworks. And unfortunately, quite a few of these have gone horribly wrong. See all the real-life gender reveals that went too far. Warning: cringe factor is high!

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