10 Parents Having Potty Training Problems From The Whisper App

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Potty training isn’t one of the most thrilling aspects of raising children. It isn’t like any of us jump up and down with glee, super excited we get to teach one of our kids to eliminate their bodily wastes in either an adult toilet or a plastic junior-sized one that may or may not play a happy little tune when the seat is lifted. Most of us don’t get super psyched about bodily functions, but seeing all these crybaby memes on the Whisper website makes me feel like some of these parents are just getting a bit too stressed out about potty training, or at least are getting their #woeismom ya-yas out of the way by bitching about it anonymously. Here are 10 random parents who really, really are not very happy about potty training:



You and me both, pal. But it isn’t like if you actively hate it you should start doing it. A kid can tell if you are having all sorts of resentment about teaching them to go, and you should probably wait until you are less stressed about the whole thing to start potty training. Or else you will raise a little serial killer or something.



Yeah, that can happen, especially if you are letting your kid run around sans diaper and aren’t asking them every few seconds if they have to go potty.



Four seems a bit old but it is not totally uncommon. And more than likely this kid is just engaged in some anti-potty-power struggle with mom. Plus, if she would just go visit her pediatrican rather than post an anonymous meme on Whisper she could probably rule out any medical reasons for her kid refusing to go.



Pee on carpet is an issue, but so is not being able to spell the word “carpet.”



Parenting “secrets” like this always seem weird to me, because as an adult can’t you just waltz on over to your partner and ask them to please put the phone down and help you?



I love it when random people post things like this, because all they are basically doing is humble-bragging all about how they have all the answers. The answer in this case is wandering around Wal-Mart with shit in your pants, so I’m not sure this poster has the best parenting advice.



I can’t decide what is worse, having a toddler shit in your houseplant or not noticing for a few days your toddler has shit in your houseplant.
04f89e094df38f4674075bb889a27dc2508c18-wmWell, this is disturbing… someone quick post a reply : I glad ur askn but no you dnt hit kids who have accidents.


I’m so glad they added that “lol jk” at the end or we would have to tally call CPS on them. I joke about trading my own kids for puppies and kittens hourly and never add a lol jk to it.

And this is probably the best one, because it makes zero sense at all:



Just like living!

This is just some random goofy sort of Forrest Gump BS that I now plan on using all the time. Doing dishes is hard! Just like living! Taking out the trash is hard! Just like living! Living is hard! Just like living!

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