Placenta Crafts For The Mom Who Has A Hard Time Letting Go

Placentas abound. Seriously – every pregnant woman has one. Actually consuming it has become all the rage but if you have a few chunks left after you’ve made little placenta pills or whatever you do to placenta to make it palatable – why not carry a piece with you wherever you go? It just makes sense.

When I say “carry a piece wherever you go” I don’t mean that in the literal sense. You can create something with your placenta that can stay with you for years! For someone who went through all the trouble of leaving the hospital with their placenta in a goody-bag – this may seem like a really great idea.

1. Placenta Print

placenta print
2 Doulas On A Mission

It’s sort of like sponge-painting, but with your placenta.

2. Placenta Truffles


This is the part where I admit I might eat anything rolled in chocolate and covered in nuts. I didn’t know this was an option, did you? I’d heard of women taking a bite out of their raw placentas immediately after birth or consuming them in smoothies or pill form – but chocolate placenta truffle? I may have been able to choke this down.

3. Placenta Smoothie

placenta smoothie
Pinterest/ BravoTV

Okay, so a smoothie technically doesn’t fall into the “craft” category. But this one was just so beautiful I had to include it. My only question is, why are there two?

4. Placenta Necklace


We can’t tell you ~how~ we did it. Just that we are excited to have finally done it! Yes, this is a charm ¬†with placenta beads! Wear it on your own chain or the hemp chain which is included.

Don’t ask about the mysterious wonder of the placenta bead. Just be glad it exists.

5. Placenta Blood Shirt

placenta shirt

One-up all the other mothers in playgroup with this placenta blood shirt! I’m not going to tell you how to make it, because I want you to read this hilarious tutorial!

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