It’s My Kid And I’ll Brag If I Want To

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Definition of Bragging: “A boastful statement; an act of talking boastfully.”

Yeah, the same definition of bragging could also be: Rebecca Eckler and her children on FB.

You’d think that I’d hate, like many people, parents who constantly brag about their kids on social media. I don’t. I love it. Brag it on!

Recently, on my FB page, I started, “Mommy Brag Mondays!” Why? Because I have a lot to brag about when it comes to my children. I don’t just want to share it with their fathers, my parents, or friends. I want the fucking world (or my 3000 followers) to know how fabulous my children are, whether they care or not. What can I say? I cooked some pretty awesome children.

For my first “Mommy Brag Monday!” I posted a photo of my daughter, holding a trophy, after coming in fourth in her first professional downhill double mogul ski race in Aspen.

Apparently, I brag about Rowan, my daughter, A LOT. As one follower wrote, “Is there anything your daughter can’t do well?” The answer is NO! She’s awesome! Everything she does is amazing! And you’re going to read about it if you follow me!

I have posted videos of her singing, her acting in plays, her skiing, her holding up writing awards at her school (make that, ahem, four writing awards!) her getting into the National Ballet School, and also photos of her holding up gold medal ribbons after she wins in school swim meets. I have even posted her math test results! (Hello 96%)

I’m fucking proud of my daughter’s accomplishments. People are so chicken when it comes to bragging about their children, or they have to write or hashtag, “humble brag,” before they post that their child won a trophy. What is a “humble brag” anyway? Is it like “Consciously Uncoupling?”

I say, “Fuck that! Your kid won an award? Brag away!” “Your child made you breakfast for the first time? Brag away!” “Your baby is sleeping? Cute! Brag the fuck away!” “Your kid can pick his nose? Brag away!”

One woman I know posts pictures of her little guy about 12 times a day. He’s six months old and I’ve seen more pictures of this baby than I’ve taken of my own children. He woke up! He’s in the bath! He’s eating his first blueberry! He’s smiling! He’s napping! He’s just so cute! (And that’s all before noon!)

I LIKE these posts. Seeing how proud a mother is of her children really is heartwarming when you think about it. I love seeing photos of newborns, because why the hell shouldn’t you brag? You just had a baby. It’s a joyous occasion. Let the whole, entire, world know!

But I also love them because I now realize that almost every single baby looks alien-like. That makes me laugh. You can’t see it when it’s your own baby, but when it’s someone else’s? Alien-looking!

I also have seen, every single day, at least two babies who have been born, literally, 20 seconds earlier. It’s as if the first thing on their mind is, “We got to get this picture of…do we have a name yet for our baby…whatever…up on Facebook right now!” I pretty much know that I’ll be seeing those newborn’s every single milestone on FB or Twitter or Instagram or the newest social media site, from the minute they leave the hospital up until the first time their first tooth falls out. Yeah, there are a lot of proud parents bragging about their kid’s first teeth falling out, as if they were the first parent to have a child who looses their first tooth! (I’ve bragged too on FB about teeth falling out, like I, too, am the first parent to have a child loose a tooth.)

I brag about my son, Holt, as well. He can paint! He is just so damn cute! He’s wearing sunglasses! He has a Mohawk! He got his first kiss! Yeah, Holt is awesome too.

I absolutely adore parents who brag about their teenagers and write on their FB wall, “Happy Birthday to my wonderful, sweet son who is now 16! I’m so proud of you! You are so special!” with a photo of said sixteen year-old looking mortified, because their mother is forcing them pose for a photo that is going up on Mommy’s FB page. Those make me laugh.

Parents shouldn’t be scared, or worried, they’re going to annoy people by bragging. When you have children, how can you not? We kind of live vicariously through them, after all. Plus, I’ve driven my daughter three times a week to singing lessons and have watched her swim each week for months. You bet your damn butt I’m going to brag when she’s in a musical or wins a gold ribbon!

Tonight my daughter is singing on stage in front of a large audience. I’ll be saving that video for Mommy Brag Monday on my FB page. How many Monday’s are there in a year again? (Are there enough???) Plus, I much rather see a mother brag about her children than another photo of a meal someone made.

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