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This #PrankItFWD Video For A Homeless Shelter Will Make Your Heart Swell

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Prank Turns Homeless Shelter Into Fancy Restaurant Being homeless is such a degrading and scary situation for people. Not only do you not know if you will have a safe place to sleep, but relying on shelters to feed you means that a lot of times you have to eat your meals in less than comfortable places and even though shelters do a great job preparing meals with the resources they have, it isn’t like most places that feed the homeless are a fancy dining experience. Until now. Greg Benson teamed up with to surprise 50 homeless people with an amazing five-star restaurant experience at a homeless shelter in California. The prank is part of the #PrankItFWD campaign, where online pranksters are teaming up for positive April Fools’ Day pranks.

[youtube_iframe id=”r-8ee7qyfF0″]

The pranksters surprised everyone with a “gift bag” that included gift cards. The pranksters also donated $5,000 to Ascencia Homeless Shelter in Glendale, California. The pranksters organized several positive pranks for April’s Fools Day as part of the #PrankItFWD campaign. For every 1,000 views of any #PrankItFwd video, will donate $1 to

If this isn’t enough and you want to see more joyous pranks being pulled on unsuspecting people, you can do so here.

I love this whole campaign and I love seeing how happy people are when their day is just made a little bit better and they get a surprise for absolutely no reason. It isn’t like feeding the homeless a lovely steak meal in a nice setting is going to solve all of their problems, but it was a chance to make someone’s day a little bit nicer and give them a chance to feel like a normal human being when they are really down on their luck. I love these pranks.

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