Schedule Those Playdates, Children Want To Work Together

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If you’ve ever visited the park, you probably aren’t surprised to find out that kids prefer playing together. It doesn’t matter how big, little, outgoing or introverted, kids will find a kindred spirit and spend endless hours playing tag or swinging together. It’s simply how those adorable little beings work.

So I guess it shouldn’t blow our minds that when researchers tested kid’s propensity to collaborate, more than two thirds of them chose to work with others. Whether or not it actually helped them achieve their goal (getting gummy candy), the three year olds in the study wanted a partner to finish the task. It shouldn’t be a shock, but it does remind me just how important it is to give my daughter time with other kids.

As well-meaning individuals enjoy pointing out constantly, my daughter is an only child. She’s been in daycare since she was just weeks old, but it’s still not the same as having one-on-one time with another kid. There’s something special about two kids on an adventure, working together, solving their own little mysteries. Children enjoy that time, learning teamwork and social dynamics. In fact, according to LiveScience, they prefer it.

Playdates are often seen as time for mommies to socialize. We forget that moms aren’t the only ones who benefit. Kids need time to interact. And its more than just playing. They could be more likely to problem solve when they have others around them.

So call up the mom from swim lessons that you haven’t talked to in months. Or introduce yourself to the other ladies at pre-school drop-off. Or just plan a get together with your cousins. But those kids out and let them enjoy some collaboration time with other little ones their age. Not only will they have fun, it can only help them for the future. And after all, it’s in their nature to work in teams.