Parents Now Need To Sign Permission Slips Before Their Kids Can Eat An Oreo In Class

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oreo cookiesPermission slips are a staple of parenting school-age children. There are permission slips for field trips, permission slips to watch a R-rated movie like Schindler’s List in history class … and if you happen to be a parent in the Main Line region of Pennsylvania, you may also need to sign a permission slip to let your middle schooler eat a single Oreo cookie in science class.

A photograph of the permission slip was posted by a startled mother to her Twitter account, MainLineHousewife, and picked up by free-range parenting activist Lenore Skenazy:

Teachers are generally provided with lists of students with medical issues, including diabetes and allergies–a list I used to consult before bringing in treats to school after the AP Biology test or for an early-morning study session, so I could bring an appropriate substitution as needed. So unless parents are keeping their kids’ food allergies a secret, which is unwise to say the least, the probable reason to give a permission slip before feeding kids one lonely little Double Stuf Oreo is because you’re worried a parent is going to be mad at you for offering their sixth-grader a 70-calorie cookie.

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