A Parent’s Christmas Morning, In GIFs

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I love being a parent and entertaining family on Christmas day – I really do. But you can’t help but be a little exhausted and overwhelmed when you have a house full of relatives and kids hyped up on joy, donuts and new toys.

I should really just post a shot of how my living room looks right now – to make you all feel better about your situation. Not quite sure why I spend days cleaning before Christmas, when 10 minutes after everyone starts tearing into their gifts it’s a total shit-show. Wait – I know why I do it – because if I didn’t, my mother would give me the “I can’t believe you didn’t clean your house before your guests arrived” look that still drives me crazy – even though I am a grown-ass woman.

Regardless of the fact that my house is a nightmare right now, it was a fun morning. Here’s an illustration of our morning – in Gifs.

Pretend you can’t hear them.

Okay, okay we’re up.

We’re totally raising spoiled brats.

Oh, I love it!

Oh look – he’s playing with the box more than his actual toy.


Wait – we have to make them breakfast, too? 

I feel like we should be able to take the day off parenting.

Do we have anything stronger than orange juice?

I’m pretty sure my mom hates her gifts.

We’re supposed to assemble all this shit NOW?

I can’t believe the wrapping paper situation in here.

I need a nap.


(photo: Tumblr)