Resolution Week: 8 Things I’m Going To Continue To Do In 2014 Because I’m An Adult And I Do What I Want

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I’ve seen several stories about behaviors adults should leave behind for the New Year. I guess when the new year comes you are supposed to totally change your personality, habits, interests and ways of speaking. Just FYI.

Well, I’m not listening to any of these people – even though I do agree with some of the things they find annoying. I’m an adult and I do what I want. That’s one of the only benefits of being an adult – besides legal drinking and the ability to buy your own candy.

1. Saying awesome, totally and rad.

Yes, I am forty. So what? Sometimes things are awesome and I was raised in the valley so rad and totally are just part of my vernacular. Sometimes “awesome” is the only way to truly express how happy you are with something.

2. Occasionally eating a candy bar for breakfast.

This goes back to the adult thing. I make the rules.

3. Making my cup of coffee before I get my kids anything in the morning.

I love you sweet smell of coffee. Me first.

4. Taking the best looking piece of pizza.

I bought it.

5. Using hyperbole – ALL THE TIME

I get excited about things. It’s my personality – and this is not going to change. I will use the words ever, best, worst and most to my heart’s content.

6. Watching every show that has the word “housewives” in it.

Okay, maybe not every one – but there’s no shame in my game. I’m pretty sure these shows are making me dumber, but I don’t care.

7. Loving bacon

I loved bacon before it was cool to love bacon and I will continue to love it in an un-ironic way until the end of time.

8. Occasionally putting on workout clothes when I have no intention of going to the gym.

It’s the thought that counts, right?

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