Open Thread: What Are You Doing (Or Not Doing) For Easter?


Good morning and Happy Easter, if you celebrate it! Maybe you’re relaxing at home with your family or maybe you’re traveling or maybe you’re suffering through dinner with horrible in-laws. Regardless, we want to hear from you. For my part, I will be having dinner with my husband’s family and his sister is an amazing cook, so I’m looking forward to it. We visited with my family yesterday and between the Bunny and my family, the kids have a ridiculous amount of candy and toys. They had a long day of playing with their cousins and we thought they may sleep in, but nope. They were up at 5 am finding Easter eggs while we were still in bed, but we staved them off for the baskets until 7:30. Ugh. Today will be a long and tiring day but I’m glad they’re having fun. How early were your kids up? What was in your baskets? I’m nosy as hell and I NEED TO KNOW!

Happy Easter, everyone!

(Image: GettyImages)

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