Complete Your Easter With A Chocolate Bunny That Looks Like Benedict Cumberbatch

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Image: Chocolatician / Benedict Cumberbatch

Easter is just a couple of weeks away, can you believe it?! We feel like it should have come and gone already. But late Easters happen every so often, and this one is at the end of April. Even though we still have some time, you’re probably deep in the planning stages. Or, if you’re like us, you’ll put it off till the very last minute and spend the days before Easter frantically putting baskets together. Sorry kids, mama forgot/got lazy so please enjoy your picked-over Peeps and mismatched plastic eggs! It’s Easter, it’s fine, all they care about is the candy anyway. However, if you’re planning on putting a basket together for yourself (and you should), you might want to do a little planning ahead. Because you are an adult, and you deserve more than a regular chocolate bunny. You deserve a Benedict Cumberbatch chocolate bunny.

Now, you may not have even realized you need a Benedict Cumberbatch chocolate bunny. But trust us when we say you absolutely do.

benedict cumberbatch chocolate bunny

Image: Chocolatician

If you thought this was going to just be a chocolate bunny in a package with BC on it, or some other such nonsense, you couldn’t be more wrong. This is LITERALLY a Benedict Cumberbatch chocolate bunny. A bunny carved out of delicious chocolate, with BC’s beautiful face on it. The likeness is … uncanny. And, to be honest, a little unnerving. The Cumberbunny is made by UK-based chocolatier the Chocolatician, and it’s clear from the detail that they know WTF they are doing. This bunny is not the casual Benedict fan. This is for the die-hard Dr. Strange/Dr. Who/Sherlock fans out there. We hope this makes you feel very seen and heard.

If you saw “UK-based” and freaked out, don’t worry. You can have a Benedict Cumberbatch chocolate bunny shipped to the states (for a price, of course).

Image: Chocolatician

We’re telling you, the craftsmanship on this thing is OUTSTANDING. There are three Benedict bunnies to choose from: milk chocolate with a gold luster dust finish, dark chocolate with a bronze luster dust finish, and white chocolate with a 22-carat gold leaf bowtie. Each Cunberbunny measures approximately 10.6 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide, with a shelf life of six months. Prices normally range from $65-91 per bunny, but they’re all on sale right now about $52. Here’s the catch: shipping to the US will set you back another $23.50 or so, and since each bunny is handmade to order, there’s a 14-18 day lead time to delivery. So you need to order yours … today.

We seriously love when food and pop culture collide. And honestly, if anyone needs to be turned into a chocolate bunny for Easter, it’s Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch.