Paraplegic Man and Fiancee Who Had Hilarious Pregnancy Announcement Welcome Baby

A paraplegic man and his fiancee, who wowed the world with their hilarious pregnancy announcement, have a new baby boy! Todd Krieg and Amanda Diesen welcomed son Rhett in early August. Now, they’re adjusting to parenthood and facing challenges that many of us can’t imagine.

Todd has been paraplegic since a dirt bike accident in 2014, and can’t feel anything below his chest. He and Amanda weren’t sure they would be able to conceive naturally. So when she got pregnant last year, they knew they wanted the announcement to be memorable.

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Amanda is holding an ultrasound picture, and behind her, “It Still Works!” is written on the wall. LOOK AT TODD’S FACE!

The two have given an update on what’s gone on with their lives since there pregnancy announcement went super viral.

Todd proposed during the photo shoot for the announcement, and they welcomed little Rhett in August 2017. Now, they’re just trying to figure out how to make this parenting thing work with their daily challenges. Amanda told PEOPLE, “It’s tough though because Todd can’t help out physically as much as we would both like. A father in a wheelchair had told Todd before that he probably wouldn’t even be able to hold our child, so we’re glad that was quickly proven wrong on day one.”

Image: Facebook/Amanda Diesen

Still, Amanda says Todd is a wonderful father. While he would love nothing more than to step in and help out, he provides emotional support to Amanda and their son.

In between the day-to-day of taking care of a new baby, Todd and Amanda are also busy planning their wedding. The date is set for October 27, 2018, and they’re hoping Rhett will be walking by then so he can be the ring bearer. Todd says that Rhett really helps him, too. “My favorite thing is hanging out with him and making him laugh and smile,” he told PEOPLE. ”Or feeding him, that really calms me down for some reason. If I’m stressed or mad and I start feeding him, it all seems to go away.”

Image: Facebook/Amanda Diesen

Congratulations on your new little guy, Amanda and Todd!

(Image: Facebook/Amanda Diesen)

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