Paraplegic Man and Fiancée Who Had Hilarious Pregnancy Announcement Welcome Baby

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A paraplegic man and his fiancée, who wowed the world with their hilarious pregnancy announcement, have a new baby boy! Todd Krieg and Amanda Diesen welcomed son Rhett in early August. Now, they’re adjusting to parenthood and facing challenges that many of us can’t imagine.

Todd has been paraplegic since a dirt bike accident in 2014, and can’t feel anything below his chest. He and Amanda weren’t sure they would be able to conceive naturally. So when she got pregnant last year, they knew they wanted the announcement to be memorable.


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Amanda is holding an ultrasound picture, and behind her, “It Still Works!” is written on the wall. LOOK AT TODD’S FACE!

The two have given an update on what’s gone on with their lives since there pregnancy announcement went super viral.

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