Father Shoots Teen Boy Found In Daughter’s Bedroom And This Wasn’t Self-Defense, It Was Bad Judgment

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Father Shoots Teen Found In Daughters BedroomThis entire case is one of bad judgement, all around. I’m not a fan of people keeping guns in their homes. I understand there are many responsible gun owners in the world and that the majority of parents wouldn’t react like this father did, but I can’t help but think if there was no gun, a 17-year-old wouldn’t be dead this morning. 17-year old Johran McCormick was shot inside a Spring-area home in Texas at around two a.m. yesterday morning. A father was awakened by one of his four children (and in the home there was a kid as young as four-years-old) alerting him to the fact there was a man in the house, in the 16-year-old daughter’s bedroom. The father, who is confined to a wheelchair, crawled to his daughter’s room and confronted Johran, who was hiding under the bed.

You guys see where this is going right?

The daughter denied knowing Johran, an altercation between the father and Johran occurred, Johran raised his hands as if to reach for something, and the father shot him. Johran died at the scene. Later the daughter admitted she did know him and invited him in.

The case will go to the grand jury and speculation has started that this will be a case of self-defense.

I can understand a dad wanting to protect his family, especially when he thinks there is some strange guy in his daughter’s bedroom. I’m sure he wishes he just would have called 911 and let the police handle it. The daughter and Johran being in her bedroom in the middle of the night, I’m assuming doing what all teenagers are apt to do, wasn’t the smartest idea but I think most of us can remember what it was like being that age and I don’t think kids sneaking into bedrooms in the middle of the night is that rare of an occurrence. The daughter lying? Bad bad move, especially if she saw her father had a gun.

This is just one of those cases where you wish there was a swayback machine and the outcome would have been different. If dads all over the world shot boys they found in their daughter’s bedrooms there wouldn’t be any teen boys left in the world. The girl was dumb to lie, but I’m sure she was terrified of getting in trouble and who knows what the situation with her parents was like? It’s all just sad and a shame and I feel so bad for the family of Johran.

This all being said, if one of my kids woke me up in the middle of the night to say some strange guy was in their older sibling’s bedroom if I had a gun I don’t know what I’d do either. It sounds like Johran was hiding under the bed and it was probably hard for the dad to see how old he was and my first thought would probably be that someone was raping my kid. I’d like to think I would just call the cops and wait for them to show up but truthfully I don’t know.

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