Gift This: Holiday Gifts For Toddler Boys That Aren’t Toy Guns Or Trucks

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8. Fisher-Price Little People Fun Sounds Farm

Little People are perfect for chubby toddler hands just learning how to play pretend. Lots of their kits connect together to form bigger play worlds and they have some that are licensed to Disney, if your tot is into specific movie characters. If you’re tech-savvy this version, Fisher-Price Little People Apptivity Barnyard has a sleeve for an iPad and free interactive app.

9. Tobbles Stacking Puzzle

They stack, they spin, they balance- and when displayed on an end table it looks less like a toy and more like a funky piece of art. I would absolutely grab a glass of wine and mess around with these after the kids go to sleep.

10. LeapFrog My Own Leaptop

I cannot wait to order these. Toddlers are interested in everything their parents have and if your child is anything like mine, they are obsessed with computers. These Leaptops are simple. They do letters, songs and animal noises and you can program it to help your child learn how to spell his name, which makes for a pretty nifty gifty.

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