New Dad Suggests Mom Use “Vagina Popsicles” to Ease Childbirth Pain

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One of the most important things a partner can do for a new mom is help her recover from giving birth. Motrin, hemorrhoid creams, and sanitary pads (LOTS of them) are just a few of the items a new parent should have on a pain-relief shopping list. One new dad in Australia is suggesting another item for that list ”” condoms. By filling condoms with water and freezing them, this dad made his wife “vagina popsicles” to ease childbirth pain.

On the website Direct Advice for Dads, new pop Martin Wanless lays out his advice for keeping a woman comfortable after she gives birth. After the usual suggestions of a donut pillow, bath salts, and a breast pump (gotta relieve that engorgement!), he gets to his final idea.

“Yep. Condoms. But this isn’t male bravado, delusion or wishful thinking,” he wrote.

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“After a few days at home with a screaming ankle biter, and having recently witnessed your partner’s vagina being turned inside out and a little person pushed out of it, neither of you will be wanting or even thinking about risking anything down there for at least a matter of weeks.” Well, that is definitely true!

Wanless goes on to explain exactly why condoms are must-have. “Filled with water and frozen, they’re the perfect shape to rest in between new mum’s legs and ease a bit of pain and swelling.” At his wife’s hospital, she was taken to a freezer full of the “vagina popsicles” shortly after she gave birth, and Wanless continued to make the condom pops for her at home to ease childbirth pain and speed along recovery.

I know most new moms will try pretty much anything to get some relief after childbirth, so I am all for the creative experimenting. I personally chose to medicate with narcotics and actual popsicles (you know, the kind that go in your mouth), but I also had c-sections so my vagina was in pretty good shape. So new parents, stock up on those condoms! But please don’t say to your baby mama, “Fancy a cold one from the fridge,” like Wanless does at the end of his post. That’s not going to get you a very kind reaction.

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