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Hilarious Dude Trolls New York Subway with Fake Book Covers

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There’s no privacy on the New York subway. New Yorkers will generally give a person space and ignore them, but they see everything. When you read a book on the subway, everyone knows exactly what you’re reading. Some people use that to good effect, though, like the people awkwardly holding up their books so everyone can see that they’re reading Infinite Jest on the subway, and this crazy guy who made a whole bunch of fake book covers to troll his fellow passengers with books titled “How to Hold in a Fart” and “101 Natural Penis-Lengthening Exercises You Can Do at Work.”

According to Some Videos, the fellow in the video is comedian Scott Rogowsky, whose video for The Chortle showed him sitting on various subway cars reading books with titles like “Slut-Shaming Your Baby,” “101 Natural Penis-Lengthening Exercises,” and “Gone Girl 2: Even Goner.” (That one has a fake blurb on the back from Salman Rushdie saying, “Yep, she’s really gone this time.”)

“Subways are a great place to catch up on your reading. But how do people react to book covers that are a little embarrassing, and also pretty hilarious?” the site asks. “Watch how people react to comedian Scott Rogowsky “reading” some ridiculous books in public.”

Mostly people seemed to react by trying very hard not to react.

Rogowsky got some side-eye, a few disgusted looks, and a whole lot of people trying and failing to keep straight faces on the New York subway. A lot of people whispered, and some people tried to take pictures surreptitiously, almost certainly to tell their friends, “You won’t believe what I saw a guy reading on the subway today.”

My favorite of Rogowsky’s books is “Definitely Not Porn: What Are You Looking At? Mind Your Own Business.” I would buy a copy of that fake book just to have it on my bookshelf or coffee table for when company comes over, because if you can’t fuck with your friends, family, and your partner’s important work colleagues and supervisors, who can you fuck with?


What fake books would you read on the subway? Help us screw with our fellow commuters in the comments.