This Tired Dad Comforting an Imaginary Baby in His Sleep Is Relatable AF

Once you’re a parent, you can’t turn it off. That muscle memory takes over, and the next thing you know your cat meows in the night and you get out of bed on auto-pilot and put a diaper on it. That’s why there’s nothing more relatable than this America’s Funniest Home Videos entry of a sleeping dad comforting an imaginary baby in his sleep.


The dad has crashed out and fallen sound asleep in his chair when the baby starts crying, and the dad does not wake up, but he starts patting the air and soothing the imaginary baby, as though the baby were laying on his chest and he was trying to comfort it back to sleep.

Then, of course, the camera pans right a little bit, to where the actual baby is sitting on its mother’s chest, and the mom is laughing her ass off at her husband, who is simultaneously snoring and rocking their imaginary baby.

This poor dad is obviously exhausted, but he’s still going through the motions of taking care of the baby. And the worst part about this is that he’s dreaming about being awake and comforting a fussy baby, so he’s never going to believe he actually got any sleep. It’s like he never got the nap at all! It’s just like when you fall asleep while doing homework, dream about doing your homework, and then you wake up like, “WTF, why is my homework not done?”

It’s a good thing they took this video, because he’s never going to believe he wasn’t just taking care of the baby when he wakes up. His wife’s going to be like, “Here’s the baby. I’m going to bed.” And he’s going to be like, “What? No! I just took my turn. I patted the baby right on my chest all day.” Then they’ll show him the video and he’s going to be like, “Nooooo!” I think I’d probably cry.

This sweet dad is definitely going to wake up thinking he just took his taking-care-of-the-baby turn, and that it’s his turn to have a nap. Hopefully everyone will get some real sleep soon.

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