My Toddler Says, ‘There’s No Such Thing As Mommy-Time’

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Mother and Girl in BathroomWe’ve all been there, right? It’s the end of a long day, my mind is going in a million different directions, but the most immediate problem is my bladder. My daughter is asking for a drink and a snack and to play a game and to watch TV… and all I want to do is go to the bathroom. It’s in these moments that my little girl is completely convinced that I don’t need to do to the bathroom by myself. She squeezes her way in behind me as I try to quickly shut the door. If I happen to shut her off, she just pounds on the door and yells through to me. All I want is to freakin’ go to the bathroom!

I had just reached this point, completely exasperated, when I glared at my daughter and said, “I need a little mommy-time, sweetheart.”

My three year old looked at me with a completely serious expression and deadpanned, “There’s no such thing as mommy-time.”

And ya know, as I sat there in the bathroom with my pre-schooler straddling the bathtub, talking to me as I use the restroom, I had to agree with her. When both my daughter and I are home, there is no such thing as mommy-time.

If I drop her off with a family member so that I can have a random night out, that can be considered personal time. Or if she stays home with my husband while I go run errands, I think of it as “me-time.” Anything that gets my daughter and I in separate places has the opportunity to become my own precious minutes of solitude. But if my daughter and I are within screaming distance, there’s no such thing as mommy-time.

I’m not sure if any parent out there feels differently. Am Imissing a chance to enjoy my home, all on my own? Is there a way to be home with your family and not be constantly responding to your toddler’s needs? Even if I say “No” to whatever she’s asking, we’re still talking to each other. She still gets to ask. She’s still commanding my attention. I don’t consider those minutes to be mommy-time.

What about you guys? Do you think it’s possible to have alone time, even with the kids in the house? And can anyone tell me how on earth to get in the bathroom alone, without interruption? Holding it until nap time doesn’t count, by the way.

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