Why Is Eight-Week-Old Harper Seven Beckham At The Top Of InStyle’s Hottest Celebs Under 25?

Harper Seven Beckham was only born two months ago and even though a little giddiness from the public following a celebrity birth is pretty standard, should we really be putting infants on “Hottest Celeb” lists? The newborn was placed all the way at the top of InStyle‘s Hot 100 list, beating grown women such as Lady Gaga and Emma Stone.

Either these celebrity “hot” lists are becoming more and more trivial or we need to ask ourselves why we would idolize a two month old.

What’s even more disturbing is how the top ten under 25 celebrities on this list aren’t even 18.  CTV lists all the kids in descending order:

  • Harper Seven Beckham
  • Zuma Rossdale
  • Kingston Rossdale
  • Suri Cruise
  • Kieron Williamson
  • Jackie Evancho
  • Willow Smith
  • Jaden Smith
  • Ellie Fanning
  • Dakota Fanning
  • Lottie Moss


Half of them don’t even have careers or publicized talents yet. They’re just born to famous parents who parade them before photographers at every opportunity.

The fashion industry is noted to have an interest in using child stars in recent grownup advertisements, but do we really need five-year-old Suri Cruise to be our beauty icon too? Asking adult women to idolize children as fashion icons is absurd, as is claiming that an eight-week-old baby is the “hottest celebrity” out of 100.

(photo: whyfame.com)

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