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9 Hilarious Mother-in-Law Memes You’ll Love if You Have a Monster-in-Law

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Some people marry into a wonderful family, with dream parents and a mom who makes cookies, tells you how thin you look, and never, ever offers an unsolicited opinion. And then there are those who marry into a family of monsters. These mother-in-law memes are a solidarity fist bump to anyone struggling to get along with the woman responsible for bringing the person you love into the world.

1. This is why you don’t give her a key.

2. That terrorizing doll has nothing on her.

3. You must be vigilant!

4. Some refer to those as the “before” years.

5. Can you say “discount nursing home?”

6. He’s definitely a work in progress.

7. Well that’s a…sweet…nickname…

8. Meet your grand-dogger.

9. Well that escalated quickly.

 Which is your favorite of these mother-in-law memes?