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This Video Is The Reason Childfree People Think Moms Are A**holes

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to-my-friends-without-kidsA young, adorable mom of two made a video to try to explain to her friends without kids why it’s so difficult for her to keep in touch with them. I think her intentions were good and it was done in fun, but the message is awful. It’s basically – “I am a mom so now I have no time for anything but my kids,” with a bit of “you’re childfree so you have endless resources and time” thrown in for good measure. Videos like this cast parents in a really self-absorbed light – covered in cheese and children.

I’m a mother of two very small children – a 10-month-old and a three-year-old. Saying that my life is hectic would be an understatement. Sometimes it’s really hard for me to keep up with my friends – but I do my best. Thanks to social media and texting, I can usually make sure that I keep as well connected as possible. I sympathize with this woman juggling kids and picking cheese off the floor – my life looks like that, too. I am occasionally jealous of my own pre-child self, if you can believe that. But I chose to have kids – and whether or not I realized what a shit-show it would make my life at times, that doesn’t excuse being a bad friend.

My childfree friends are just as busy as I am. If they can make time in their lives to talk to a work-from-home mom who has no gossip or anything particularly entertaining say, I can sure as hell make time for them. Okay, I’m still entertaining – but you get my drift. I was way more entertaining when I was a 20-something bartender living in Brooklyn. They don’t care – they still make time for me and love me. In turn, I try not to make them feel like they take a back seat to my mom-life constantly.

I know this video was made for moms – and moms have every right to commiserate and enjoy it. But I hope enjoying it doesn’t make anyone fail to see that it’s a crappy way to be. It’s okay to be in a new-mom haze for a while, but you have to snap out of it eventually. Your friends are probably squeezing you in just as much as you’re squeezing them in – the least you can do is schedule them during nap time so they can have your full attention.

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