Childfree Couple On Facebook Gets Anonymous Hate Letter Imploring Them To ‘Have Some Kids’

99641391Facebook is funny. You may think it’s a way to keep abreast of the goings-on of friends and family you don’t see very much – but not always. Some people use it to seethe with jealousy and anger about their life choices.

STFU is always good for keeping me abreast of these stories, and yesterday there was a doozy posted on her Facebook page. It’s a story about a childfree couple, Jess and Dave Osinski, who got an anonymous letter sent to them in the mail to implore them to please stop posting about their life on Facebook. Anonymous letter-sender thinks there is too much traveling and fun happening in their world, and not enough baby-having:

The Wauwatosa couple received an anonymous letter in the mail this month.

“It’s a little upsetting seeing, hearing and reading about someone’s vacations all year while we all can’t afford one,” it said.

“I started reading,” Jess said, “and I was like, what in the world? I had to read it a couple times.”

The letter writer suggests the Osinskis should send regular Christmas cards, too, presumably because he or she doesn’t like seeing a collage of their vacation photos as a holiday greeting.

The last sentence goes for the jugular: “Go have some kids and don’t be so selfish as to only think of yourselves all the time.”

The creepiest thing about this is that whoever this person is knows them well enough to know their home address and be on their Christmas card list. Yuck. I sense a jealous in-law is in the mix.

This is absurd. Facebook is for sharing our lives with each other, no? Also, there is a super function that exists on the site that allows you to block people you find annoying without them even knowing. So there is literally NO REASON for this awful person to be kept abreast of the Osinski’s life at all – if it offends him or her so much.

“Go have some kids?” Wow. Yes, because people who don’t have kids don’t think about anyone else, ever. Good God. It’s just too bad whoever sent this didn’t have the balls to put their name on the letter so the Osinski’s could banish this negative energy from their lives forever.

In the Greek culture, there is something called the “evil eye.” It’s a curse you can give someone by being insincere. In other words, if you are nice to someone’s face, and bitter, resentful and mean behind their backs, Greeks actually believe that you can curse this person you have ill will towards. They take it very seriously, as they should, because there is something very toxic about this type of behavior.

I hope this anonymous person is reading these Internet stories and realizing how terrible they are.

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