Morning Feeding: Do You Have The Mom Gene?

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One woman says she doesn’t want to be a mom, and maybe it’s genetic.  (The Stir)

Giuliana and Bill Rancic are loving parenthood.  (Celeb Baby Laundry)

Are there links between the economy and birth control use?  (Double X)

A proposed law in India would make husbands pay their wives for homemaking.  (YourTango)

Do you live in a hipster neighborhood?  (The Frisky)

In defense of tights.  (The Hairpin)

More research on genetic mutations and the link to paternal age. (

The science behind your favorite fall trends.  (YouBeauty)

The science of attraction: why men are lured by breasts.  (Huff Post Women)

My mom-crush Jennifer Garner talks about making babies.  (Babble)

(photo:  Darren Baker / Shutterstock)