The Jennifer Lopez ‘Post-Divorce’ Interview In Vanity Fair Seems Planned

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For some reason that doesn’t involve the recent promotion of an album or a film, Jennifer Lopez is on the September issue on Vanity Fair. To the left of her plunging white dress is a headline that reasons “Jennifer Lopez: her first post-split interview!” Now, I’m not much of a celebrity gossip hound, but my colleagues over at Crushable were whispering about the J.Lo and Marc Anthony split in July. And considering that a lot of print magazines work about three months in advance, that makes the timing of her divorce and the Vanity Fair cover just a little too auspicious.

It was rumored that the singer and actress has bumped Lindsay Lohan from the September issue after news of her divorce broke. But sources have confirmed that the rumor was actually a mix up with Italian Vanity Fair, as Ms. Lohan graced the September cover of that issue.

So if J.Lo didn’t bump another actress from the cover, that would imply that this September cover had been planned for awhile, but why?

The reporter for Vanity Fair who profiles J.Lo works dated accounts of her visits with the performer beginning in June 22nd in Los Angeles right up through July 20th, about five days after the divorce statement was released. Over the course of the article, Lopez drops hints here and there that her marriage is trying — many of which could have been teased out by the writer after the fact. The whole piece is composed almost like a short story, in which Jennifer is coyly, yet intentionally keeping the reader tantalized with some impending secret. The secret, which all us know, is her divorce — and like an audience that already knows a protagonist’s fate, we read anyway in hopes of seeing that final scene.

Jennifer Lopez doesn’t come apart or sob. In a mere two paragraphs, she talks about her twins Max and Emme and the “important journey” that her marriage was. She affirms to the reporter that she “will keep private the details of our personal life.”

But considering that most celebrity marriages are dissolved with careful timing (J.Lo and Marc Anthony’s was announced late on a summer Friday afternoon), it seems as though despite “keep[ing] private the details of [their] personal life,” the mother and divorcee found an opportunity garner herself some extra press from the split. Some extra press that made the September issue of Vanity Fair all that more desirable, and for reasons that perhaps the magazine was privy too.